16 free software tools for creatives


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By Alina Kralkina

When you start working on a creative digital project, you will need to use support tools to improve it. There is a need to enhance the content with videos, images and edited information. This applies to any project, for example, design, video blogging, advertising, modeling, etc.

It is convenient nowadays to make such kind of products because the person does not need to be a professional for this activity. On the internet, it is easy to find free creative software for different purposes as they all have their own benefits and their own mission. Video makers are almost the most popular now because you can find animation in many different forms. We have ranked the most frequently used free graphic design software in the list below.

  1. If you are new to graphic design and need to put together all video digital effects, animation tools, extensive media libraries, and audio background elements, then it is best to use Openshot. Moreover, YouTube users prefer it.
  2. Another simple design program is Adobe’s Spark which is useful for creating online videos and adding photos or any other media you need. It is also often used by beginners.
  3. Fastreel is good for hobbyists and bloggers because it has a simple interface, and it’s a free online video maker, which includes trim, compress, and crop tools.
  4. Movie Maker 10 for Windows has automatic video creation tools for quick work, and with a few clicks you can add additional artwork or music.
  5. What is useful for creating videos for social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, is Kizoa. It helps you create video in desired format and create stories using variety of modes.
  6. Shotcut is the right choice for those who are just starting to learn graphics. There are a variety of tutorials on how to make videos, and it is also perfect for audio editing.
  7. The Videopad video editor has an easy to use interface and you can find options to add light effects, texts and images. You can adjust the colors and choose the necessary shades.
  8. For Mac users, there is no need to search for some internet resources. At first, iMovie will be enough to create an elegant and high-quality video with filters suitable for YouTube’s requirements. You can download it from the Apple website or by using the App Store on your iPhone.
  9. If it is more comfortable to use mobile design programs, we recommend that you download Magisto. There aren’t too many actions to be done for video editing; you just need to choose the style, add music and editing elements, like clipping. The main advantage is that you can do it quickly and it will look professional. This app gives suggestions on music and style in general.
  10. One of the most powerful mobile video makers is KineMaster. It has functions of voice mixing, light and speed control. A wide range of videos, texts, images and stickers are also available. Available for iOS and Android.
  11. Lightworks has free access to audio and video stock, which is licensed. The best tool for real-time projects and easy sharing of quality videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram as it supports a wide choice of video formats.
  12. If you want to feel more advanced, HitFilm Express will help you. You can find professional visual effects there, like in Hollywood movies. The audio content will amaze you with unlimited track creation.
  13. Gravit Designer is a free online graphic design tool for creating illustrations for beginners. With this app, you can manage layers, change image landscape, create waves, add emojis and other shapes. It supports formats like JPEG, PDF, SVG, SKETCH.
  14. Gimp is one of the powerful graphics programs. It is suitable for those who are looking for reliable software to edit photos, combine images, and invent models.
  15. Blender is the best option for working with 3D graphic modeling. It is often used for advertising and web-design because it is possible to invent new shapes and fictitious objects with this tool.
  16. Be sure to check back regularly for offers on InkyDeals. Now they are offering free photo overlays and many other perks that every designer would appreciate

The full range of these and many other creative project management tools are open and free to use online. If you can not find the suitable one in this list, you can look for analogues.

Alina Kralkina is a Content Manager at Movavi Software Inc., a company that develops easy-to-use and efficient software for Windows and Mac. She believes technology is one of the most popular topics of our time. And that’s why she loves to write about her simplicity at work.


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