AGCO Expands Partnership with Autonomous Software Developer Apex.AI


PALO ALTO, California. — Apex.AI, a company developing certified safety software for mobility and autonomous applications, announced on June 9 that AGCO is adding new functionality to its Fendt Xaver concept vehicle, an autonomous agricultural robot, by incorporating Apex.OS , an easy-to-use tool. use the software development kit (SDK). Apex.AI enabled AGCO’s engineering team to integrate several autonomous driving components into the Fendt Xaver within a tight deadline, including lidar object detection, collision checking and planning, in using the state-of-the-art framework and development tools that come with Apex .OS. This technical partnership expands an existing relationship between the two companies. In December 2021, AGCO announced a strategic investment in Apex.AI.

“Apex.OS is a foundational software framework and development kit for rapidly developing advanced autonomous capabilities,” said Christian Kelber, director of engineering at AGCO. “Technology has helped AGCO shorten R&D times for our smart farming solutions and for the future of highly automated robots. Originating from the automotive industry, Apex.AI allows us to implement safety-critical applications from autonomous driving that can be deployed in our suite of solutions globally.

The award-winning Fendt Xaver autonomous robot concept, developed by Fendt as part of a research project, sows seeds on farms around the clock with centimeter precision using Apex.OS software. The Fendt Xaver uses 90% less energy than conventional machines due to its lightweight electric design, which produces zero emissions.

AGCO leveraged Apex.OS to develop a software stack for Xaver based on automotive industry standards, extending its real-time autonomous capabilities. A cloud-connected fleet of Fendt Xaver robots is app-controlled and provides real-time data from each unit, including location, status and diagnostics.

“We are taking our success in the automotive and self-driving industry and applying it to areas that have similar functional safety needs such as agriculture, industry, mining and construction” , said Jan Becker, co-founder and CEO of Apex.AI. “Apex.OS enables the software architecture to be modular, scalable and secure, enabling customers to transition their R&D projects to market-ready products in record time.”

There is a growing trend towards autonomy in agriculture, and designing and deploying a safe autonomous system is a complex and time-consuming task. Apex.AI helps its agricultural, automotive and industrial customers extract the complexity of software-defined vehicles and machines with Apex.OS, which achieved the highest level of ISO 26262 ASIL-D automotive software safety last year. By bridging the gap between R&D and production-grade solutions, customers using Apex.OS can overcome real-time software and reliability challenges at record pace.

Apex.AI is a Palo Alto, CA-based global company that develops revolutionary secure, certified, developer-friendly, and scalable software for mobility systems. The company’s flagship product is Apex.OS, a robust and reliable meta-operating system that enables faster and easier software development for vehicles and safer autonomous driving solutions.

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