Best Free Software for Windows 10 Computers from Microsoft Store


If you bought a new Windows 10 machine, you don’t need to search far internet to find and download the Software you need. Just head to the Microsoft Store for the choice of the batch which will allow you to be operational in no time …

The WPS suite
Windows Setup ships with Office 365 Personal, but you’ll need to pay a subscription to use it. Alternative? WPS Office suite

by Kingsoft.
Users of the MS Office suite will find the WPS interface familiar in terms of appearance and functionality; it comes with all the tools you need, including free templates, to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
You even get a built-in PDF viewer. And if you upgrade to a Pro account, you get extras like 20GB cloud storage, the ability to edit PDFs, convert to Word documents, split and merge PDFs, convert images to text editable (OCR), and more. Whichever way you look at it, the WPS suite is one of the best free office software around.

If you choose to use the free version of WPS, you will miss out on all of its additional PDF editing capabilities. Don’t worry: PDF X is here for you.
This free alternative software, which allows you to view, print, edit and annotate PDF files, supports additional formats such as PS, TIFF, DjVu, EPUB, DVI, XPS, ODT, PNG, JPG and Fax.
PDF X can be used to highlight text, delete, add or edit annotations, digitally sign PDF files, and add stamps. You even get features like bookmarks, zoom, and a myriad of text selection methods. When it comes to the free versions of PDF editors, this is one of the best around.

Polarr Photo Editor
With Polarr, you don’t even need professional photo editing skills to make your photos look great. The free software comes with a host of tools and filters that can enhance almost any photo with just a few mouse clicks.
It even gives you granular controls over aspects like color, tint, exposure, and contrast. Professionals benefit from advanced features such as support for layers, curve tools, adjustments and more.
For the most part, the free version of this software is all you need to spice up your images, but you have the option to sign up for a paid account which gives you access to additional filters and unlimited usage. of the powerful of Polarr. image editing capabilities.

Polarr is a great image editing tool, but this list would be incomplete without IrfanView. Existing since 1996, this software is specially optimized for fast display of images and loading times.
Its image editing feature includes cropping, resizing, rotating and converting between a myriad of file formats. You can also use it to change the brightness, contrast, tint, and gamma level of an image, either manually or automatically. Many of these changes can be applied to multiple images in a single operation using IrfanView’s batch processing feature.
This software can help create screen savers and slide shows from image collections with optional MP3 audio, which can then be saved as stand-alone executables for Windows computers. IrfanView even allows you to create icons by converting common graphics files to ICO format. The software is free to use for personal use and contains powerful features that do not become apparent until you have started using it.

Audacity Windows Store Edition
Audacity is hands down the best free audio editor out there, and this Windows Store edition is no different. It comes with a full set of professional-grade editing tools that let you cut, copy, paste and mix tracks, and even add effects and filters.
The software can record and play sound, import and export WAV, AIFF, MP3 and OGG files. It comes with a built-in amplitude envelope editor, a customizable spectrogram mode, as well as a frequency analysis window.
Newbies to the world of audio editing can familiarize themselves with this tool by using its quick help feature or by accessing its comprehensive user manual.

File Viewer Plus
In a modern working environment, you can receive a lot of files in different formats from clients and colleagues. Now, it’s not safe to have supporting software for every type of file on your PC, and that’s where File Viewer Plus comes in.
The software allows you to view over 150 file formats in the free version, and you can even inspect their metadata. But if you want additional features, you can upgrade to a paid account that supports over 300 file types in categories like documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email, web files, images, audio, video and more. archives. The full version of File Viewer Plus even allows you to save, edit, convert and print files, as well as batch convert multiple files at once.

Enpass Password Manager
This secure app lets you store multiple passwords for your online accounts, credit and debit card information and more, all securely in one place, protected by a single master password.
Install its browser plug-in, available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi, and you can also auto-fill in IDs, credit card information and more without any hassle.
As you enter your sensitive information, Enpass protects it with 256-bit AES encryption using the open source SQLCIPHER engine before it leaves your machine, so that it is unreadable to anyone.
The service then stores this protected data on its servers, so that only you can access it from any device over the Internet. A free account allows you to store 25 items in a single safe.


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