Best Free Software to Record Screen as GIF in Windows 10


This article covers some of the best free software for save screen in GIF format on a Windows 10 computer. You can set the recording area and start recording for as long as you want. The best part is that there won’t be any watermark on the saved GIF.

The ability to pause recording and resume is also present in these software. If you want to make a quick video for demonstration purpose or some other reason and save this recording as a GIF file, these software will come in handy for you.

Record screen in GIF format with these GIF screen recording tools

We have mentioned five free software that will let you save Screen as GIF in Windows 10:

  1. ScreenToGif
  2. Captura
  3. GifCam
  4. ShareX
  5. LICEcap.


ScreenToGif is one of the best tools on this list. This open source software can also register an open window / application. The best feature is that you can edit the saved GIF before saving it the on PC. He integrated Editor which allows you to delete or copy images from the recording, remove duplicate frames, add text at a particular position in the recording which works as a watermark, insert the keys pressed while recording, rotate or flip the images, add shadow, border, image watermark, and more. You can even play or preview the recording to check if the editing is done as expected, then save the final recording.

On its main interface, use Recorder then select an office area for recording. Or, you can also select a particular window for recording. Before starting recording, it also allows you to adjust FPS (frames per second). You can use keyboard shortcuts to play / pause and stop screen recording.

When the recording is complete, its Editor window will automatically open where you can preview your recording and make any necessary changes. Finally, you can use the To file menu and press Save as button to save the recording as an animated GIF.

You can also take advantage of other tools and options provided by this software. For example, you can use its webcam recorder, Whiteboard with recording, function to show / hide mouse cursor in recording, etc.


Record screen in GIF format with these GIF screen recording tools

Captura is not limited to recording the screen in GIF format only. It comes with a lot of features. You can use Captura to record an entire window, region, or desktop screen. It also has two unique features that you might like.

You can draw on the screen while recording and also take screenshots between recordings. But these two features can only be used when you have selected an area on the desktop screen for recording. These will not work in full screen or windowed mode.

It also allows you to include mouse cursor, mouse clicks and strikes in the screen recording. Apart from that, you can use it to record webcam, record audio only, etc.

Download the portable or installer version of the Captura software and launch its main interface. There you can use options like include / exclude mouse cursor, set output folder, output quality, etc.

To select Video source (full screen, region or window), and click the GIF option as output format under the Video encoder section. After that, you can use the record, pause, resume and stop buttons to create an animated GIF from your recording.


GifCam software

GifCam has some cool features that make it a useful GIF screen recording software. This allows you add text to a particular frame in screen recording, show / hide mouse cursor, delete image or delete images from selected image to end image, edit delay for each frame, etc.

Apart from that, it also has a unique feature which allows you to change recording to grayscale or monochrome. You can download it from here.

After opening its interface, you can resize it to define the recording area and then use the available buttons. He offers Record / Stop button, Edit button to add text to a frame, remove frames, etc., Framework button to change the delay time, and to safeguard button to store the final GIF. You can also use a drop-down icon right next to the Record button to change the recording color, preview output, etc.


ShareX software with gif screen recording

This might surprise you because ShareX is a very popular software for capturing and editing screenshots, but it is also a good option for recording screen. This allows you record a video file and an animated GIF on the screen. FFmpeg is required to use this software for screen recording. It can automatically download FFmpeg (if it is not already present) in the required folder.

After installing this open source and cross-platform software, open the ShareX main menu. Click on the Capture menu, then click the Screen recording (GIF) option. After that, you can select the recording area and the recording will start immediately. There is only Stop and Abort buttons that you can use accordingly.

This software has tons of other tools and options like change destination folder, capture full screenshot or specific region, access capture history, upload captured screenshots to Imgur, Gfycat, change keyboard shortcut to start / stop motion recording, and more. Just play around with all the options available and this tool will help you a lot.


LICEcap is another good GIF screenshot option. It allows you to move the recording area between recordings which is a good feature. Also you can add / insert custom text during recording. Another useful option is that you can add a title or the seed text that is visible before the main recording. The option to set the duration of the title text is also present.

When you launch this GIF screen recording software, it will provide a frame that you can adjust to set as the recording area. This framework also provides Save, pause, stop and adjust the FPS buttons.

When the zone is selected, press the key. Save button, and Save as the window is open. In this window, you can set the output folder and other options related to recording. For example, you can enable title frame option, add title text and duration to display that title text, show mouse clicks, add the number of loops or number of GIF repetitions (set to 0 for infinite loops), GIF transparency, etc. Use the options as needed and press the key. to safeguard button.

You are now returned to the recording area. Move the zone whenever necessary, pause / resume recording and finally press the button. Stop button. Your recording will be saved in the folder you defined.

That’s all.

Here I end this list. ScreenToGif has tons of features and therefore is definitely better than the other tools. But, other tools are also used to save the desktop screen as an animated GIF very well.

save screen as gif in Windows 10


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