Bosch ESI[truck] 2021/4 software update offers a ton of new tests and codes


Bosch announced the 2021/4 software update for the 3824A ESI[truck] Robust diagnostic solution. Thousands of new tests and codes have been added to help technicians provide the most up-to-date service on hundreds of commercial vehicles, including new makes and serviceable models, such as the Navistar MaxxForce engines, the Mack TCM and Dana transmission. CTIS Mechatronics.

The company called the following features and optimizations:

  • Extension of coverage: The latest update will cover hundreds of new makes and models, including the Mack EMS V3 engine, new Detroit Cascadia models, and Volvo / Mack US17 / US19 / US21 models. Additionally, 33,340 error codes, 2,281 electronic control systems and 820 diagnostic capabilities are included in the new update.
  • Search server for new system variants: The update connects to the Bosch server to search for new system variants and provide improved data access. New system updates can be downloaded to the diagnostic tools after accessing the Bosch server.
  • VIN and mileage data filled in: Connected vehicles that provide VIN and / or odometer readings in the available data stream will be automatically populated on the System Overview report.
  • Extended license subscription available: Extended License Subscription (ELS) gives technicians the option of continuing to use existing ESI truck software when the annual update expires or expires. Technicians can continue to provide quality diagnostics with Bosch products. However, for best results, it is recommended to follow periodic updates, Bosch noted in a press release.

Bosch 3824A ESI[truck] users with a current subscription can install updates after automatically receiving the download. Click here to read the full release notes.


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