Business Master Software Solutions Launches “Hometown Service Marketplace” App


Business Master Software Solutions builds and designs branded business applications for your existing business. They create premium mobile apps customized for your business needs to improve your sales and customer experience. Brad Young founded Business Master Software to help small and medium-sized businesses access cutting-edge technology for their business. They announced the launch of Hometown Service Marketplace for your small business.

Hometown Service Marketplace provides a connection between customers and local businesses. Local service providers include lawn services, pet services, local hairstylists and barbers, and home and commercial cleaning. They have vendors that provide household moving services and local delivery providers that deliver food, groceries, and items from local pharmacies. Users can also access home improvement providers such as HVAC, electrical services, house painting, and even buy things at your local farmer’s market. Hometown Service Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for local businesses and services. Business Master Software Solutions now also offers food truck listings to help users locate a food truck near them. You can find them at Hometown Marketplace section where you can download the app or register as a supplier. The application is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store – Here are the links to download.

Google Play Store:

Apple Store:

Brad has a long history in business process improvement and the software industry. He created a consulting company based on his successful business book CHANGE Change stands for Communication, Habits, Attitude, Goals, and Education and is the foundation of his other businesses. CHANGE is an acronym for self-improvement and self-development. Change Consulting provides a full range of consulting services with the equipment and knowledge to help any business run more efficiently.

Brad Young has also written a few books, including “The Ten Rules of Dispatch, Life, and Business.” The author of the book developed the 10 guiding principles while working in the transportation industry for 20 years. The book features hilarious stories that are relevant in life and business. The stories demonstrate both the good and bad sides of human nature, demonstrating the universality of each tale. The book will give the reader a new perspective on life and draw insightful lessons. The book’s author sprinkles poignant quotes to help the reader understand how the 10 Rules relate to the General Principles. The stories are sometimes wacky and exaggerated because the author has seen a lot of scary things over the years. The goal is to transmit one’s knowledge to others so that they can benefit from the experiences of others.

Brad Young is a 2 time bestselling author, and he has a book called The Bar B Que Shack Theory coming out in September that guides small and medium sized businesses to adapt to the modern business market.

Check out his LinkedIn for more info on the books:

Business Master Software Solutions is a reputable app development company that provides the best mobile apps for startups and established businesses. Almost any budget can be met by their solutions. They can help any business achieve its business goals with advanced mobile application development solutions from Business Master Software Solutions.


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