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Radnor, Pennsylvania, September 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CRED iQA data, analysis and rating platform, which serves the commercial real estate finance and investment community, today announced the launch of the Real Estate Comp Tool. This tool compares the subject’s valuation, rent, expenses, occupancy, cap, interest rate, and some other characteristics of assets and loans against competing sets and the overall market.

Developed using a proprietary algorithm, this software selects similar properties in the CRED iQ dataset based on multiple properties and loan factors, and assigns scores based on the relevance of each composition. .. The software automatically generates a comp for the properties of the CREDiQ database. Users can also enter property details to generate comps for almost any commercial property in the United States.

Co-founder Michael haas “Our platform is built using the latest data lake technology, giving commercial real estate professionals instant access to relevant, timely and validated real estate and loan data. Comp technology allows users to quickly measure market fundamentals and take out specific loans with detailed financial information. From intelligent market analyzes in just a few clicks. “

“We developed this tool to provide users with a convenient way to compare the performance, valuation and lending characteristics of any commercial property against a competitive set. »Explanation of the co-founder. to augment Bill Petersen.. “Users can access listings for all properties in the database, or search and generate listings for almost any commercial property in the country.”

Sign up and get access to the new software with a 7 day free trial here.

About CREDiQ

CRED iQ is a commercial real estate data, analysis and valuation platform that serves professionals in CRE’s investment, brokerage and lending industries. CREDiQ’s robust database, updated monthly, $ 1.5 trillion Securitized data on space loans and real estate. CRED iQ is a CMBS, SBLL, CRE CLO, And Debt Agency which combines the verified contact details of the borrower and the actual property. The head office is Radnor, Pennsylvania, The company also has an office Dallas When Portland, Oregon.

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CREDiQ announces commercial real estate comp software | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

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