Digital Asset, a software company building interconnected networks, will host a hackathon


Digital asset, a software and service provider that helps businesses create economic value through interconnected networks, unveiled a 6-week online hackathon, which will be hosted in partnership with SE2, which is a provider of life insurance and annuity technologies and services.

As noted in an update shared with CI, the hackathon will aim to bring together developers from around the world to use Daml, a multi-stakeholder application platform developed by Digital Asset, to build various blockchain and smart contract applications.

As stated in the announcement:

“Until October 25, developers will be challenged to create the next revolutionary Daml app, helping to shape the future of the financial services, insurance and healthcare industries. All hackathon participants will have the opportunity to become certified Daml developers through a free certification program managed by Digital Asset.

“Daml has the power to reinvent the way we use smart contracts and blockchain to transform real-world industries,” according to Digital Asset’s chief product officer, Craig blitz.

Craig further explains that applications created with Daml can run and connect on many different platforms, supporting interoperable systems “regardless of the underlying technology”.

Daml is currently being used “in various inventive ways, and we are delighted to see what revolutionary new ideas emerge from this hackathon.” Craig revealed.

As mentioned in the update:

“At the culmination of the six-week hackathon, developers will demonstrate their applications which will be judged on three criteria: business value, creativity, and implementation (participants must include a link to their code in GitHub).”

The jury will include specialists in smart contracts, blockchain and multi-stakeholder applications, such as Digital Asset Founders Yuval Rooz, Shaul Kfir, Eric Saranecki, and SE2 Technical Director, Brad Medd.

As noted in the update, the hackathon winner will be “awarded a cash prize of $ 10,000, and the two finalists will each win $ 2,500.” Additional cash prizes will go to the winners of the “Best Of” categories.

CTO of SE2, Brad Medd, have noticed :

“We’re excited to bring together so many smart developers who are responsible for creating the next wave of smart contracts. Daml and smart contracts have become powerful transformative forces in the insurance industry. We are continually looking for qualified Daml talents to join our SE2 team.

Michele Trogni, President of SE2 and Operating Partner at Eldridge, said:

“It’s exciting to see two of our companies working together to advance the state of blockchain and smart contracts. Not only is there so much room for innovation in this space, but the market opportunity here is huge as well. “

Organizations around the world depend on Daml to convert data silos into synchronized networks. Daml was designed to enable workflows to be “privately and securely shared within and between organizations, leading to consistent and integrated data, easy-to-adapt architectures and a system of common interfaces”.

Used by companies like Nasdaq, Xpansiv, HKEX, ASX and Broadridge Financial Solutions, among others, Digital Asset “helps build a global economic network of interconnected businesses.”

Developers can learn more about the Daml development platform here.

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