Emerson Acquires Software Developer to Accelerate Drug Development | Local company


ST. LOUIS – Emerson Electric Co., a St. Louis-based producer of software and automation parts, has purchased Fluxa Inc., a California-based company that creates software for drug and vaccine development.

The companies said in an announcement this week that the purchase would allow them to combine an automation system built by Emerson with a web application created by Fluxa to speed up drug development.

Mark Bulanda, executive chairman of Emerson Automation Solutions, said “speed to market has become increasingly important since the emergence of COVID-19.”

According to Emerson, drug development processes that took eight years before the pandemic are now completed in 18 months.

DeltaV, Emerson’s automation system, provides computer and telephone applications, alarm systems, control panels, workstations and virtual simulations for manufacturing plants to manage production. Fluxa’s web-based application for drug development, called Process and Knowledge Management, uses algorithms and a drag-and-drop system to scale drug recipes and allows factories to share documents and recipes online. line.

Emerson invested in Fluxa last year before announcing the full takeover of the company on Thursday.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story gave an incorrect title for Mark Bulanda.


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