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WOBURN, Mass. and DARMSTADT, Germany, November 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – exocad, an Align Technology, Inc. company and a leading provider of dental CAD / CAM software, today announced the availability of ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway in United States and Canada.

Next-generation CAD software for single-visit dentistry to be showcased by exocad at the 2021 Greater New York Dental Meeting in New York City, held between November 28 and December 1.

This new version will provide dentists with design tools for a wide range of indications as well as a wide choice of integrated devices. The chair workflow is highly automated, intuitive and optimized for convenient use. New CAD / CAM users can benefit from fast, wizard-guided workflows, while expert users can select free design sequences that offer greater flexibility.

The software includes a step-by-step guide through the design process and smooth integration with open intraoral scanners, production devices and implant systems. ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway also allows in-house design of custom FDA approved abutments. “This software was designed to assist clinicians who are adopting a single visit model of dentistry,” said Larry Bodony, president, exocad America, Inc. “With ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway, dentists can streamline their workflow, from the early stages of restoration to manufacturing the surgical components needed to complete a treatment plan. “

The new version offers improved automatic design proposals. Instant Anatomic Morphing allows efficient adjustments: the anatomy of the teeth automatically adjusts in real time for dynamic occlusion. Smile design with exocad’s advanced 2D / 3D approach is now faster, thanks to AI-based facial feature detection. exocad’s cloud-based data transfer tool, dental sharing, simplifies communication and collaboration between clinicians, dental technicians and production centers. ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway integrates perfectly with the main exocad laboratory and guided surgery software, DentalCAD and exoplan.

New users ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway can benefit from an internal system that integrates with their current workflows. Other highlights include:

  • Highly automated preoperative workflow: Dentists can easily recreate existing tooth anatomy if they choose to maintain the exact same shape and function of the tooth
  • In-house design of custom abutments and screw-retained restorations (FDA approved)
  • Extensive options for seamless integrations of intraoral scanners, 3D printers and milling machines
  • Two-way communication with the exocad exoplan * guided surgery solution
  • Simple interdisciplinary collaboration between practitioners and dental laboratories through efficient integration with DentalCAD, exocad’s leading lab software

In 2021, for the third year in a row, the Cellerant Group, an independent group of technology-conscious clinicians, selected ChairsideCAD as the winner of the Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award 2021 for Clinical Design Software.

ChairsideCAD 3.0 Galway is now available in North America, EU and other selected markets. exocad names its outings after the current EU ‘European Capital of Culture’ and has selected the Irish city of Galway for the current publication cycle.

Additional information is available at exocad.com/chairsidecad-galway

* Product available in certain markets only. Check availability with your local distributor.

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exocad GmbH, an Align Technology, Inc. company, is a leading provider of dental CAD / CAM software. exocad is vigorously pushing the boundaries of digital dentistry, providing flexible, reliable and easy-to-use CAD / CAM software for dental laboratories and dental practices around the world. exocad America, Inc., a subsidiary of exocad GmbH, is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts. Over 45,000 estimated clients plan implants and create functional and refined restorations with exocad’s DentalCAD, ChairsideCAD and exoplan Software. For more information and a list of exocad reseller partners, please visit exocad.com.

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