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Students have enough spending, so software shouldn’t be one of them. Fortunately, in an age when many students will need to learn new skills, whether it’s life skills or skills to help them in school, companies have responded with a lot of free software. For some you need a school-linked email address to register, others are free for everyone.

And you don’t have to sacrifice quality – some of these titles are exactly the same ones your parents pay a lot of money for. So enjoy it while you can! Keep in mind that a lot of free software makes money by installing other programs or toolbars on your computer that you might not want, so always choose a custom installation if possible and pay attention to the boxes. checked or unchecked.

Microsoft Office 365 for education (Windows, Mac)

Microsoft Office 365 for education (Windows, Mac)

There are plenty of Office imitators out there, but why not get the real one for free? Full-time and part-time students (and teachers) get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams and more, completely free (that includes high school too!). Plus, it comes with 1 terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage! All you need to register is a school specific email address (like [email protected]).

Download Office 365 for education

Paint.NET (Windows)

While has its roots in the older Microsoft Paint software, it is much more advanced and has many more features than this base program, including some advancements, such as the ability to “undo” all the way through. of the file. , and the possibility of working with layers. If you’re used to something like Photoshop, you’ll see a lot of the same tools like the clone stamp, magic wand, and lasso. You can save images in .png or .jpg format (probably sufficient for most users), as well as half a dozen other formats. You can also download plugins developed by the Paint.NET community.

Download Paint.NET

Jango Music Streaming (browser based)

Jango Music Streaming (browser based)

The free versions of other music streaming services are full of ads. Jango only shows one audio or video ad per DAY! How does he deal with this? By earning income if they sell you a song you’ve listened to, but also by letting independent artists buy their place in the music rotation. When any of these songs are played, a pop-up window lets you see who it is and you have the option to like the song, become a fan, or contact the artist. It’s a win-win: you get (almost) ad-free music and listen to a new song here and there, and the artists get exposure and maybe even a sale.

Visit Jango

Table (Windows, Mac)

Tableau is an innovative visual analysis tool that helps you understand large amounts of data by showing it to you in different ways. Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and college students can get it for free. Tableau allows you to see data in the form of tables, charts, maps, etc. to spot trends, create interactive dashboards, and create beautiful graphics for presentations. There is also a student guide to help students use data analysis.

Download Table

LogMeOnce (Windows, Mac)

Security experts say the passwords most of us use are too simple, but with so many different accounts, programs, and devices, it’s confusing and cumbersome to use complex passwords. One solution is to use a password to access all of your other passwords, which many programs do. LogMeOnce has taken it a step further and uses photo logins, fingerprint logins, or PIN logins on your phone to approve logins from other devices, so you can really do without the password if you need to. wish it. You can create complex passwords (or let LogMeOnce create them for you), and you’ll never have to remember them!

Download LogMeOnce

Prey (Windows, Mac)

Losing a laptop can be devastating for a student, as so much of their life (and schoolwork!) Is likely stored there. Prey is free software that you can download to your PC or Mac (as well as your mobile devices) that will monitor your device’s location and let you know when it leaves a certain area (your dorm, for example). If you mark your laptop as missing, Prey will send you status reports including location, screenshots, and images. You can set off an alarm, send a message that will appear on the screen, or even lock the device. There are premium features that can do more, but the basic free version is probably good for students.

Download the prey

AVG Antivirus (Windows)

Crooks are getting more and more sophisticated, so you need to be smart to protect your computer. There are plenty of paid programs that will get the job done, but if you can’t afford it, you should at least cover the basics with AVG. AVG will protect your PC against viruses and malware, and will also block unsafe links or downloads (it will also remind you of what you are not protected against unless you upgrade to its paid version). It scans your computer without any noticeable slowdowns, which is a huge plus.

Download AVG AntiVirus

OneNote (Windows, Mac)

OneNote is an amazing organizing tool that can help you keep all of your notes and resources in one place, and its drag-and-drop areas can keep everything tidy. It automatically saves itself after every change, so you never have to worry about losing your work. If you are using a device with a touchscreen and a stylus, you can also write notes by hand. You can easily drag items into OneNote from web pages or other sources, or use the OneNote web clipping tool to save entire web pages. If you link to an online video, it can be played directly in OneNote. You can also use OneNote to record audio and / or video, and it will link any notes you take while recording to the timecode of the recording. It’s incredibly handy for taking notes during lectures and classes. There are OneNote apps for many devices, so if you link OneNote to the cloud, you’ll never be without your notes.

Download OneNote

Mint (browser based)

You live in a dormitory or an apartment. No one is looking over your shoulder to see what you are spending. You are finally treated like an adult when it comes to money. So don’t breathe! Mint doesn’t just track your money by logging into virtually any financial institution you use, it also helps you stay on track. It gives you reminders and helps you pay your bills, it analyzes your spending and suggests ways to save, and it monitors things like unusual spending and when funds are low. You can also budget and check your credit score. All for free!

Using mint

Cold turkey (Windows, Mac)

Cold turkey (Windows, Mac)

You have to focus. You have a homework assignment, a test, or you have to read an entire book by tomorrow, and there are just too many distractions. Cold Turkey is a very simple program that will prevent you from using sites on the Internet (or the entire Internet) for a predetermined period of time. Start the timer and you’re stuck on Facebook, Netflix, Reddit, or whatever else distracts you. It works on Windows and Mac and supports all major browsers, so you have no excuses.

Download Cold Turkey

Dia (Windows, Mac)

Dia is an open source diagramming program that can draw flowcharts, diagrams, and circuit diagrams. Its user interface is fairly straightforward for someone who just wants to create a flowchart, but it also supports many types of technical drawings. There is also a repository of additional shapes and objects that can be uploaded to Dia, such as chemical forms, renewable energy forms, and engineering forms.

Download Dia

Windscribe (Windows, Mac)

Windscribe (Windows, Mac)

Many people use VPNs (Virtual Public Networks) to access the internet so that they cannot be spied on over a public connection or leave a record of their searches. Some people may want to broadcast a blocked TV show in the US or watch a US show while traveling. Maybe other people want to bypass restrictive internet blocks at school or at work. Whatever the reason, setting up a VPN is easy and, in the case of Windscribe, free. You get 10GB of data per month for your anonymous, untrackable browsing and eight different countries to pretend you’re browsing.

Download Windscribe

Lightworks (Windows, Mac)

Lightworks (Windows, Mac)

Lightworks is a professional level video editing platform with many advanced features. You can import just about any video format into Lightworks or record from a camera directly into the program. You can export your video to YouTube and Vimeo in mp4 format up to 720p. There are lots of built-in effects, a voiceover feature, and a really good text editor for creating titles and credits. If you’re a beginner, the website has video tutorials to get you started, and if you’re a more advanced user, the controls and tools should look familiar.

Download Lightworks

Audacity (Windows, Mac)

Audacity is an open source multitrack audio editor that can be used to record podcasts, record live audio, edit audio files, and combine files into one large production. You can increase the level of a file that is too quiet, remove swear words, reduce noise on a hard-to-hear recording, remove pauses, and change the speed and pitch of a file. It’s the only audio editor you need to produce awesome multitrack songs or conversations and it’s free!

Download Audacity

EaseUS to do

Don’t be that person who loses everything in a computer crash. Backing up your PC is very important, and the best way to do it is to do it regularly and automatically. With EaseUS Todo, you can back up your system and files on a schedule to a safe location (including local drive, CD or DVD, external drive, or the cloud) in case you lose everything. Backups can be done incrementally to save time, so only things that have changed are backed up each time. Start doing it now, before it’s too late!

Download EaseUS Todo

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