GOM Mix Max: easy-to-use video software for all editing needs [REVIEW]


In a fast-paced world, people won’t take the time to learn new skills, tools and platforms to do their jobs.

This means that the software and tools available in the workplace or at home should be ready to use and do not require considerable adjustment just to learn how to use them.

The modern world is efficient and fast. So no software focuses on complex and intense features that would take time to learn how to use them instead of helping them save time and accomplish a particular task.

The same goes for modern video editing software available in the market. Some systems offer an easy to use platform but come at a very exclusive price that would reduce the budget.

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GOM & Company: who are they?

The good thing is that GOM & Company are here to bring one of the latest, and one of the most affordable and promising video editing software around, which software consumers around the world will find useful and effective.

GOM & Company prides itself on 23 years of experience in IT and development and high quality software and applications recognized around the world. Now they present the GOM Mix Max.

GOM Mix Max is a video editor that brings an easy-to-use system for everyone, both home and business.

GOM Mix Max review


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Video editing is now a huge market, especially since almost everything seen on media requires both audio and video (A / V) to be noticed by people.

Not everyone needs to be professionals in the suite, as the GOM Mix Max offers a human-centric user interface and user experience (UI / UX), focusing more on the needs of a anybody.

The functionality is new to the market. Despite the many competitors and software available today and some of these companies are already known and trusted, GOM Mix Max can compete in the market as it provides a much more affordable video editing service.

The GOM Mix Max is your standard video editing tool with plenty of features for all video editing needs. From its interface that anyone can easily understand, to its seamless editing process, the software offers a lot to users.

Not to mention that it has customizable keyboard shortcuts, which means users can apply their favorite or selected functions to keys they are familiar with. In addition, its fully customizable interface can be configured in different areas of the editing suite.

The GOM Mix Max is an economical and efficient software, and this because it offers a reduced encoding time, as well as a faster program compared to those present on the market. This means that a specific project’s turnaround time would be faster than others, allowing more work to be completed with less hassle.

Work doesn’t have to be dreadful, and GOM Mix Max ensures it’s manageable for everyone.

GOM Mix Max features

  • User friendly interface (New interface optimized for user convenience) – GOM’s new GOM Mix Max interface is simple in design, easy to use for anyone who would use the app. The UI / UX is meant to be used by almost anyone, focusing on a sleek and easily accessible design. The new interface has different purposes and includes the ability to: change the location of the preview and menu, customize keyboard shortcuts / shortcuts, search for effects for post-production, overlay favorites for easier access, new homescreen, encoding time, and an overall faster video editing program.
  • Customizable and adjustable editing features – Users can adjust and apply models in detail and extend the timeline function. It also has unlimited multitrack function.
  • Easy but high quality (Easy to use even difficult editing features) – GOM Mix Max is a professional editing program that allows users to easily use the advanced editing features and techniques provided by the software. It also includes features like Chroma Key effects and automatic audio extraction from videos to ensure a diverse editing experience.
  • Economical & Efficient (Affordable price for advanced features) – The GOM Mix Max is affordable compared to the competition, but that doesn’t mean it lacks features. By registering for the software, users can get a free version for 14 days that would be rendered with a watermark. In addition, entering your card information can save you 2 months for a free trial identical to the paid version. Additionally, users may have the option to get more discounts after two months of trying the full version with $ 39.99, which is 60% more savings.

New features of GOM Mix Max

  • Chroma key: Images inserted in the background can potentially help create a more complete video.
  • PIP (picture in picture): This is a feature that displays the screen inside the screen and is generally supported by display devices. As this is a frequently used feature, it is added to the GOM Mix Max. PIP displays a small screen inside the screen. You can position the screen in any corner position you want. Also, it is possible to adjust its size.
  • Coding: The reduced encoding time is three times lighter than the existing GOM Mix Pro, and encoding is now faster (697MB → 127MB)
  • Video editing program works faster in an environment upgraded to Intel Core i5 or higher: The encoding size is divided by the sizes optimized for YouTube
  • “Colorful Video Editing” with Rich Basic Sources: There are over 130 effects including filters, templates, sound sources, etc., and over 130 types of layering and transition effects installed as standard in the program.

(Photo: GOM MIX via Softonic)


  • Easy to use, user-friendly
  • Small file on PC
  • Feels light and doesn’t clutter up the PC
  • Faster encoding
  • Affordable
  • High quality output and video
  • Lots of features and effects that can make a video look professional

The inconvenients

  • Not yet available for Mac operating system (macOS)
  • Difficult to use at first if integrated into traditional editing systems

The GOM Mix Max is feature rich, with different effects to use, as well as chroma keys. Professional video editing functions are here to be used and applied to his work.

One of the more disappointing factors here is that it doesn’t yet have Apple integration, but will be released for macOS in future updates soon. However, its drawbacks are nothing compared to the many features it brings.

GOM Mix Max: How to buy?

The GOM Mix Max software is available for download from its website, where several promotions and discounts await you.

Follow the steps below to take advantage of the GOM Mix Max Launch Event offers of Extended Free Trial, Discounts, 6 Month GOM Cam Coupon, Amazon Gift Card and more.

GOM Mix Max

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Special offer of 2 months free trial and 60% discount

Event 1 – Sign up for GOM Lab and download GOM Mix Max for free. Get a chance to win up to $ 100 Amazon gift card!

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The most outstanding offering of GOM Mix Max video editing software for everyone is affordability while providing all the right tools and features. Budget isn’t an issue even with a system that aims to provide an efficient workflow to prioritize your project over something else.

The functionalities that it brings are sufficient to carry out a project that has the required quality. This can also help in the execution of the project for a better return. GOM Mix Max is the latest the company has to offer, and they’ve made sure it’s better software that has all the features compared to previous versions of the GOM Mix Pro.

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