How to Become a Software Developer in Uganda in 2022


Want to become a Software Developer but don’t know where to start? This article shares information on how to become a software developer in 2022. We share renowned platforms where you can get software development education.

What is Software Development? Software development is a detailed process by which people build the tools we use every day. Software helps us solve real problems like marketing, education, medical service delivery, transportation, innovation, manufacturing and many more. Software is also known as applications and programs.

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A person who creates software is commonly known as a software developer or a software engineer. Software developers can specialize in various disciplines or roles. Some examples are; Web Developer, Blockchain Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Product Manager, Machine Learning Engineer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Web Designer, Virtual Reality Engineer, Reality Engineer Augmented, Cloud Engineer and Embedded Systems Engineer to only cite a few.

Why become a software developer?

Let’s look at some pros and cons that can help decide whether we should join the software development industry or not.

  1. One of the most in-demand skills today is coding.
  2. Software development salaries and benefits are not deflating at a high rate compared to other industries. In the United States, software developers earn an average base salary of $90,000 to $250,000 per year.
  3. Software development offers flexible working conditions. Many employers or clients allow software developers to work remotely instead of requiring them to be available full-time.
  4. Along with being employed, software development gives you plenty of monetization options, including but not limited to freelance work, part-time work, and selling products.
  5. Learn at your own pace. If you are pursuing a career in software development, you can learn at your own pace.
  6. Software development is an inclusive field. For example; people with special needs, of color, and of any gender can easily thrive in this area in relation to entertainment, athletics, and sports.

How to become a software developer. Web developer roadmap

I will place a major emphasis on the Web Development specialization as it opens up various opportunities due to its popularity. Web technology powers many other technologies such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web3 and NFT.

To become a software developer, one must mainly focus on two difficult skills, namely computer operator and programming skills. Both can be broken down as below.

  1. computer operator
    1. What is a computer?
    2. How to turn on/off a computer
    3. Components that make up a computer system.
    4. Operating systems
    5. File management
    6. Installing and uninstalling software
    7. Instruct the computer via commands
    8. Touch Typing (at least 25 correct words per minute)
  2. Programming
    1. HTML
    2. CSS and CSS libraries (possibly Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Material UI or others)
    3. UI prototyping (possibly Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Adobe XD)
    4. JavaScript/TypeScript
    5. ReactJS/VueJS
    6. Git and Github/Bitbucket
    7. Databases (SQL and NoSQL)
    8. Data structures and algorithms are called DSA for short
    9. Software development life cycle
    10. Automated tests

At this time, you can apply for internships in different companies and organizations, including local and international ones.

Internships help you prepare for employment by allowing you to put your knowledge into practice and gain the essential experience required by employers.

They are a way to help you enter the job market, as well as make an informed decision between looking for a job or monetizing differently.

Point: Also, be sure to learn some soft skills if you want to thrive in this industry. Time management, planning, critical thinking, effective communication and creativity are soft skills that I highly recommend. The more equipped you are, the more competitive you will be.

Common misconceptions about becoming a software developer.

There are many discouraging conversations about becoming a software developer.

  • You need an expensive computer to get started.
  • You must be a math expert.
  • You must be under 40 years old.
  • You must be located in a developed country.
  • Software developers don’t sleep
  • You must be the smartest person there is.

Where can you learn more about software development?

Below is a list of a few places to choose from for your software development learning

  • YouTube – FREE
  • Alison – FREE but paid to get a certificate
  • Khan Academy – FREE
  • Udemy – Paid
  • Skills sharing – Paid
  • Pluralsight – Paid
  • Datacamp – Paid
  • Udacity – Paid
  • Sololearn – FREE
  • Freecodecamp – FREE
  • Andela – FREE
  • Microverse – Paid
  • Tutorial – FREE
  • W3schools – FREE
  • Algoexpert – Paying

In Kampala, I recommend able Creatives Ltd. Their mission is to make tech education fun, accessible, short-term, and convenient for everyone.

Abblestate was co-founded by an experienced self-taught software developer – Wampamba David, who has worked in the industry for over 10 years and understands the challenges faced in the software development ecosystem. He trained many people in one-on-one sessions and technical events before deciding to start a technology education business. Prior to co-founding Ablestate, he was a practicing, monetized entrepreneur and avid personal growth trainer.

Abblestate was registered by the Registrar of Companies in 2019. They have trained over 40 Ugandans in computer operator and software development skills. Ablestate’s vision is to be the most trusted source of technology education in East and Sub-Saharan Africa. They aim to train more than 10,000 software developers in Africa over a period of 5 years. Additionally, they connect developers and employers, offer internships, and develop software.

Setting up a developer workstation is not an easy thing to achieve, mainly due to the financial challenges. Abblestate supports its subscribers and students in setting up professional developer workstations. At Abblestate, you also get financial freedom insights at no extra cost.

What to expect if you join Abblestate for your software development training.

  • You should be able to develop software with little or no supervision.
  • You should be able to perform incredibly well in job interviews.
  • You should be able to work in developer teams as a leader or team member.
  • You should be able to initiate and drive meaningful discussions that make software development smoother and faster.
  • You should be in a better position to monetize your skills in other ways if you choose not to be employed.
  • You should have a better level of self-esteem.
  • You must be prepared to judge what you are capable of doing and not in terms of software development.
  • You should be able to learn new methodologies and programming languages ​​on your own.

The duration to become a professional computer operator at Ablestate takes a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months. But it takes 6-12 months to become a world-class software developer at Abblestate.

Successful students receive electronic diplomas and receive unique codes for their certifications. Abblestate promotes environmental conservation and will not print certificates to advocate for climate change. However, students can download and print the certificates by themselves.

The cost of a software development course at Abblestate is UGX 1.5M (One million five hundred thousand shillings). It starts from 267,000/= (Two hundred and sixty-seven thousand) for the Professional Computer Operator course.

Abblestate also offers half and full scholarships, as well as regular discounts of up to 50%. In fact, in Ablestate’s history, 75% of the 40 trainees were trained on a full scholarship basis. Abblestate boasts a 94% course completion rate.

In both courses, you will learn various soft skills. You will learn about financial management, personal branding, presentation skills and visa application.

Abblestate has two admissions in one year; February and August intakes. Do you have financial difficulties, let this not prevent you from pursuing your dreams. Apply and indicate the type of scholarship you need. The scholarships are competitive. Click here to apply to become a software developer.


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