How to sign a PDF using free software or online tools


In this article you will see how sign a PDF document. You can draw a signature or type a signature and convert it to a handwritten style signature. After that, you can add your signature to any part of a page of the PDF document and save the PDF with an added signature. You can also change the signature color and size.

Although there are many paid and free PDF editing tools available, the functionality to add signatures to a PDF is missing from most of these tools. Therefore, we have created this list which covers some of the best free tools for signing PDF documents.

Add signature to PDF

If you want to sign PDF, this article is talking about free tools that allow you to add signature to PDF. You can type or draw a signature using them.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  2. Gaaiho Reader
  3. Foxit Reader
  4. SmallPDF
  5. LightPDF.

1]Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a very popular PDF reader. It comes with dozens of useful tools in which some of them are paid and some are free. He has a Complete and sign tool that is free. You can use this tool to grab your signature, draw signature, and add signature image (TIFF, GIF, TIF, JPG and PNG). It also allows you to add signature initials or remove signature. The possibility of invite signatories to add signatures is also present, but you need an Adobe account for this.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and install it. On the download page, you need to uncheck optional offers and additional tools. Install and launch the software.

Open a PDF using the File menu, then tap Sign the document by typing or drawing a signature icon. Or, you can also access the Tools menu and select Complete and sign tool.

You will see two options: Add signature and Add initials. Use the first option. You can now use one of the available options: Type, To design, and Picture.

For the first option, it offers 4 different writing styles. For the second option, it allows you to draw freehand to create your signature. When your signature is created, press the To apply button.

type, draw or add signature image

After that use the same again Sign the document …icon, and this time you will see the signature created by you. Click on this signature and it will be visible on your PDF document. Now you can use the Color to change the default signature color. 18 different colors are available.

Place your signature anywhere on a PDF page and change its size using the given option. Finally, you can save a PDF with an added signature using Save as Where to safeguard option present in the File menu.

2]Gaaiho Reader

Gaaiho Reader

Gaaiho Reader is a good competitor to other free PDF reading tools and an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. It also comes with a lot of features and adding signatures to a PDF document is one of them. It offers two types of options to add a signature to a PDF: Draw my signature and Type my signature.

In the first option, you can start a freehand drawing to create a signature with a custom signature color and thickness. In the second option, you can type words as signature and set its color, font and make it bold and italic. You cannot select a writing style, but the option to manage signatures is present which allows you to delete the created signatures, add signatures, rename a signature, etc.

Download this software using this link. Add a PDF then click on the Handwritten signature tool present under the Home menu. After that click on Place a handwritten signature option. He will open a box.

In this box, select the type of signature, then you can draw or type your signature. Use the options given for the selected signature type, give your signature a name and save it.

select the type of signature and save

Next time, use the same handwritten signature tool to select a signature and add it to your PDF document. Finally, create a copy of your PDF or overwrite the original PDF using Save as Where to safeguard button under the File menu. This will generate a PDF with your signature.

TRICK: Google Chrome users can convert, compress, sign PDF documents using New Acrobat Online.

3]Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader with fill and signature tool

Another great option for signing a PDF file is Foxit Reader. This allows you Draw, Import signature file (PDF, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPG, etc.), Type the signature, and Paste signature from clipboard (text or image). The option to add an online signature is also available, but it didn’t work for me because I encountered an error.

Download Foxit Reader and start the installation process. Uncheck any unwanted or additional options during installation. When the interface is open, add a PDF file.

Go to Complete and sign tab and click the Create signature button. Now a box will open where you will see different buttons to create a signature. Use Draw Signature or any other button to create your signature and save it. Create as many signatures as you want.

create a signature

After that, you can use the Fill & Sign tab again and use one of the available signatures. When the signature is added, you can also change its size. Finally, create a copy of the original PDF or add changes to the existing PDF using the File menu and save your PDF with one or more signatures.

4]Small PDF

PDF eSign tool with Smallpdf service

SmallPDF brings over 20 tools to split, compress, merge, convert, protect PDF, etc. You must use Electronic signature PDF tool for create signatures in a freehand style or upload signature image from the PC and add it to a specific location in the PDF document.

You can also invite signatories to add their signatures to this PDF. Its free plan lets you create two signatures (initials and actual signature) and only process two PDF documents per day, but it’s pretty good to sign PDF online.

Use this link to open the eSign PDF page for that service. After that, you can download PDF from device (or desktop), Google Drive or Dropbox. Once the PDF document is downloaded, you can view its pages. In the right sidebar you will see the Create signature and Create initials buttons.

Use the first button and a box will open. Using this area, you can draw your own signature, enter a signature, and select one of three handwriting styles or upload a signature image (JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP). Three different colors are available to draw a signature.

type, upload or draw your signature

The same options are available for creating initials. It also automatically optimizes the signature to make it even more beautiful.

When the signature is ready, it is added to the right sidebar. Simply drag and drop the signature into any part of your PDF document. After that, you can press the FINISH & SIGN button to retrieve the output PDF with your signatures.

If you wish, you can also invite signers using the button available in the right sidebar. You can add the first and last names of the signatories, your email address and their email addresses. They will receive a link to open the PDF and sign that PDF using this tool. Once all signatories have signed the PDF, you will receive a link to download the PDF in your email.


LightPDF Service

The LightPDF service brings a very simple but effective tool for adding signatures to PDFs online. His Sign PDF the tool allows you to draw a signature or upload a signature image (JPG, PNG, JFIF, etc.). You can create multiple signatures and then use any of them. It also has a cool feature using which you can add signature to all pages of your PDF document with just one click.

This link will open his PDF signature page. There you can use the Choose file button to download the PDF from the desktop. When the PDF is downloaded, use the Create signature button and you will see two options. Draw and Upload Image. Use the first option and you can draw your signature using over 60 colors. press the to safeguard button.

Now that your signature is ready, place your mouse cursor over the Create signature option. Now you will see the signature added by you. Drag and drop this signature to any part of the PDF. It also allows you to increase / decrease the size of the signature. There is also + button using which you can add signature to all pages.

These free tools are good enough to easily meet the need for signing PDF files. The software has an advantage over online services because you don’t have to worry about the file size limit.

add signature to pdf using free tools


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