Ice Cream Machine Software Developer Sues McDonalds for $900 Million | News


UNDATED (WREX) – One of the nation’s top fast food outlets has been hit with a $900 million lawsuit.

Kytch Inc. filed a lawsuit Tuesday night against McDonald’s for misleading advertising and unfair competition.

Last year, a judge sided with Kytch and imposed a temporary restraining order against Rockton-based Taylor Company. Kytch said they have a tool to repair the often broken soft serve ice cream machines made by the Taylor Company and used in McDonald’s and restaurants nationwide.

Throughout this lawsuit, Kytch says they have obtained new evidence to bring a lawsuit against McDonald’s.

In the new lawsuit filed against McDonald’s, Kytch claims that McDonald’s and Taylor worked together to create a stall tactic.

“Together they fabricated false ‘safety’ claims to mislead Kytch customers into believing that safety testing determined that the Kytch solution would cause ‘serious injury’ to users – claims that are. , and which McDonald’s and Taylor both knew at the time to be, patently untrue,” the lawsuit states.

Kytch’s lawsuit says McDonald’s and Taylor have worked together for nearly 20 years to develop their own solution to fix broken machines, but have yet to launch their “Open Kitchen” software, despite announcing a release date. launching for the first quarter of 2021 No solution has been launched at the time of writing this article.

Kytch says the announcement was made to convince McDonald’s restaurant owners to cancel their contracts with Kytch.

13 WREX contacted Jeremy O’Sullivan and Melissa Nelson, the co-founders of Kytch, who gave us the following statement:

“McDonald’s worked closely with its maker of soft serve machines, Taylor Company, to spread false information about our company, to drive us out of the market, and to line their own pockets. We founded Kytch to improve dismal performance and improve the food safety of McDonald’s soft drink dispensers. In response, they destroyed our business and our livelihoods. Nothing can undo this damage.

You can read the full trial below.


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