Meet the Skillful Software Developer: Aleem Ahmad


“We all have the power of thought – so what do you lack? If you have will, then you can change everything.” — Dalai Lama

Success and fame is a mixture of willpower, persistence, and the ability to maintain composure even after repeated failures. Aleem Ahmad is a skillful software developer who has worked for over a decade to become a leading programmer in the industry. Early on, he was keen on coding and never looked for a hobby other than writing programs that would complement automation. As his skills improved, he began to write complex routines and design visually appealing yet competent applications. He obtained his software engineering degree from Punjab University College of Information Technology – Old Campus and graduated with flying colors. His interests have always been to become a solopreneur, but this was not possible at the start of his career.

Aleem Ahmad has nine years of experience in developing industry specific software applications and is familiar with all widely used programming languages. He worked with many IT companies during the early stages of his career, after which he went freelance to accumulate exciting new projects and increase his exposure. His strategy paid off relatively quickly and he became one of the top rated sellers on many freelance platforms, including Fiverr. After achieving freelance success, he started his IT company “Thesupersol” which provides a wide range of software development and management services to businesses. The supersol was a long-awaited dream of Aleem Ahmad that only came true thanks to his willpower and forethought.

Aleem Ahmad shares excerpts from his ten-year journey as a software developer. He says, “The job of a software developer is no easy task. We have to build many iterations of the same code to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s an arduous process that can irritate even the calmest person on the planet. . I’ve always liked logical challenges, so the role of software developer was right for me. Finally, I have my IT services business and I am happy to help struggling clients with their IT issues. Thesupersol will continue to expand its services as it grows. and will become a globally recognized IT brand. I never intend to keep the knowledge to myself and share relevant information and facts on my Instagram to help novice programmers consolidate their programming base. “

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