Mumbai: Software developer falls for e-wallet fraud and loses Rs 5.06 lakh


A 31-year-old software developer in Mumbai was allegedly duped out of Rs 5.06 lakh by a cyber-scammer claiming to be a customer service officer of an e-wallet company. An FIR in this case was registered at the Borivali police station on April 16.

The complainant told police that he had attempted to pay his electricity bill for March via an electronic wallet. But the electricity bill displayed on the e-wallet app was much higher than the actual amount. So he Googled a hotline number for the e-wallet company.

The complainant added that he then dialed a number and a man answered his call, introducing himself as a customer service officer at the Noida office of the e-wallet. The alleged customer service manager then instructed the victim to download the Anydesk app on his phone. The man was told to type in his bank details on his phone to resolve the issue.

In particular, the Anydesk application allows a third party to access its mobile activities. However, the man told the police that he believed in the scammer as the e-wallet company has an office in Noida.

The fraud only came to light when the man received a phone call from SBI informing him that several banking transactions were taking place from his account, but by then Rs 5.06 lakh had been embezzled by cybercriminals.

Police said the man was unaware that cybercriminals were trying to pass off their phone numbers as customer service numbers for banks, e-wallets and online shopping portals, among others.


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