NC software developer helps businesses reopen securely


MORRISVILLE, NC – A software developer Triangle said Monday that testing for symptoms in the workplace is likely to survive COVID.

Ed White owns Field2Base, a software development company. His team recently launched an app called Covoporate, designed to combine employee self-testing with test results and other information.

White said the problem with relying on employees to self-report symptoms is that it is difficult to apply consistently across large companies. Additionally, many patients with COVID-19 do not develop any symptoms, so daily temperature checks are not completely foolproof. Covoporate is designed to interface with testing labs, so COVID-19 test results can be uploaded to an employer automatically. It can also be synced with Bluetooth enabled medical devices, including thermometers. All of this information goes into an employee’s boarding pass, which is used to scan entry and exit from work and can deny entry if required.

“In order for me to bring my own employees back to work, it is absolutely important that we do it safely for each employee as well as for co-workers,” he says.

White’s company isn’t the only software developer working on the problem. Wake Forest Baptist Health recently launched its own app, called SneezeSafe. White said COVID-19 is unlikely to be the last pandemic society faces, so such applications are likely to play a role in containing future outbreaks as well as seasonal plagues like the flu.

White said Covoporate is already in use by a number of organizations ranging from construction engineering companies to hospitals.

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