Newbie software developer? Learn how to react to get that first job


Despite the relentless demand for software engineering professionals before and throughout the global pandemic, novice developers and college graduates still have a difficult path to their first paid job. Most job postings still require some level of experience—some that are literally unrealistic. But there are plenty of jobs out there, and there are some skills that might help you find one.

The most common entry-level role in the United States is that of React developers, according to Analysis of Indeed site data conducted in January 2021 by programming instructor Mark Lassof.

In fact, over 52% of skilled React jobs are open to novice developers, as opposed to Java roles, which are only 14% of jobs available to newbies. PHP has the second highest percentage, at 21%.

React is a JavaScript library, so you need to have the other fundamentals of front-end development like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Once you do, however, there are plenty of opportunities to put these skills to work in the workforce, even if you’ve never had a programming job before.

“If you are learning this year, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, then the React library are the way to go,” Lassof wrote. “With 29,587 entry-level jobs open, your chances of landing something are pretty good, and it won’t take long to learn the React library if you’re already familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.”

Job site Hired also found that, for developers with one year or less of experience, Go, Scala, and Kotlin generated the most interview requests per candidate.

Java jobs are hot, but not realistic for newbie developers

Excluding soft skills such as communication, customer service, and Microsoft Office, the most in-demand skills for entry-level positions on the Indeed platform in January 2021 included:

  • Java
  • Software troubleshooting
  • the Windows
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • SQL
  • HTML5
  • Linux
  • C ++

But these rankings are skewed by the sheer volume of demand for positions with Java and JavaScript skills, with the chances of getting one of these positions more difficult for a newbie candidate.

As Lasoff wrote: “I’m not a big fan of Java as an entry-level language. I think you’ll find that most of these Java jobs are awarded to college graduates with computer science degrees. Although there are many jobs out there, I think Java is best once you have some experience.

Best language skills for developers with some experience

If you’re no longer a beginner, there are a few other languages ​​that can give you a head start in finding a developer job.

For developers with four to six years of experience, the lowest level of experience followed by the Embauché and Vettery job boards for their 2021 Status of Software Engineers survey, the Go skill generates the most interview requests, at 2.4 times the average candidate, followed closely by Scala at 2.3 times, which was the only skill tracked to give less experienced developers a length ahead of the competition.

React also held up well here, with software engineers of all experience levels averaging 2.7 times more interview requests if they had React skills than those without, just behind candidates with skills in Redux framework.

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