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OpalHealthcare has signed an agreement with WorkForceSoftwareAustralia to provide an online portal for self-service management, shift swaps and shift exchanges and time off requests , as and updates on the availability of work for 9.500 staff members.

Automatize manual processes that consume a lot of time. In addition, to enhance the efficiency of those employed by Opal HealthCare, Opal HealthCare has decided to use WorkForce SoftwareAustralia to implement an efficient and integrated system to handle their payroll and employees, called Workforce Suite for Healthcare. Workforce Suite is a tool designed for Healthcare.

The is an integrated version of the WorkforceSuite fully integrated with OpalHealthcare’s payroll system, to simplify the management of the workforce and payroll as well as to simplify compliance with different rules and regulations governing taxation and structures. The system lets employees be paid efficiently and with ease access via smartphones. The first time services associated with work are offered in the beginning.

Payroll at Opal HealthCare manager KevinBritten said: “Team members have access to their timesheets, as well as the employees’ smartphones in real time prior to exporting when they get. wages. Any discrepancies can be addressed prior to payday and corrected before the date of payday in order to avoid false salary or employees who are dissatisfied and have to work extra hours.

The issues OpalHealthCare faced before deciding to automatize its workforce management and payroll with WFSWorkforceSuite for Healthcare. These issues included:

  • Its manual process and the awkward interfaces, which impeded the experience of users
  • Time-accurate data flows and timings
  • It’s hard to manage a huge and active employee distributed across multiple functions and departments
  • It’s difficult to fulfill the requirements of more than 50 ModernNursingAwards across VIC, NSW, WA and QLD.
  • The vast conformity requirements of state and federal laws, as well as
  • The possibility of business interruption during situations of crisis without access to information remotely or to inform different groups of employees to any sudden changes or emergencies.

WorkForceSoftwareAustralia is used to support IRT.


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