Optimize Windows 10 with the help of these tips and this free software


Over time, your Windows 10 PC tends to get sluggish; and when that happens you know it’s time to adjust your pc. Today in this article, I am going to share some basic tips and software that can help your PC run in good condition.

Optimize your Windows 10 PC

You too can have an error-free Windows experience if you follow these basic tips, say on a monthly basis. I have linked to some relevant useful links in the post that will give you additional advice on the topic. Follow these basic suggestions and you will have a tuned and optimized computer that will run quickly.

  1. Uninstall unwanted and unused software
  2. Disable startup programs you don’t need
  3. Reduce visual effects for better performance
  4. Use a good security suite.
  5. Restart the PC regularly
  6. Occasionally run SFC, Defrag, and ChkDsk
  7. Use good free PC debugging software.

Let’s take a look at each of these suggestions in detail that will help you keep your operating system looking its best. It goes without saying that your operating system, device drivers, installed applications and software, BIOS, and firmware should also be updated to their latest versions for optimal performance.

1]Uninstall unwanted and unused software

Windows 10 usually comes with a lot of preinstalled apps that you don’t always need on your computer. Even among all the apps installed on your computer, there may be several apps that you almost never use. These unwanted programs and software take up unnecessary space, slowing down your PC’s performance. If you think it might be, remove unwanted programs, preinstalled Windows Store apps, and features you aren’t using.

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2]Disable startup programs you don’t need

If your computer takes a long time to start, it is possible that many programs are running simultaneously at startup, slowing down performance. In this situation, you will have to disable startup programs that you do not need. Follow the suggestions below if you are facing this issue on your device:

press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut to open task manager.

Optimize Windows 10 with the help of these tips and this free software

Click on the More details drop-down button to expand it.

Now go to Start tab and disable programs you don’t need at startup.

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3]Reduce visual effects for better performance

Windows 10 includes special effects and visual features like animations and shadows that consume processing power. If your computer is running slowly, you may want to reduce some visual effects to improve the performance of your PC.

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4]Use a good security suite

If your Windows 10 PC tends to get sluggish, this could be the cause of malware impacts that don’t have to be identified on your device. Having a good security suite installed can help protect your Windows against such malware and other threat attacks. There are some solid free security suites and antivirus software available that you might want to try.

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5]Restart the PC regularly

No matter how much you care about keeping your Windows clean and up to date, it’s important to restart regularly. Restarting your computer stops all programs that are running unnecessarily all the time. Besides, it closes the applications which might have been started by different programs and never quits.

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6]Occasionally run SFC, Defrag and ChkDsk

Running the System File Checker occasionally can be a good idea to ensure that all of the files on your operating system are in their best condition. You can use our FixWin to run it in one click.

You don’t need to run Disk Defragmenter or the ChkDsk utility now, unless you encounter errors. While Windows 10 defragments drives automatically, you may want to occasionally run the built-in defragmenter and the ChdDsk utility to make sure your hard drive is healthy.

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7]Use good free PC debugging software

Some of you may want to use good free Windows tune-up and optimization software. CCleaner is the most popular of all, but there are others as well.

Using our free portable Ultimate Windows Tweaker software to fine tune the operating system is also something you might want to consider.

What else are you doing to tune your Windows 10 PC? No suggestion?

Optimize Windows 10

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