Retraining to become a software developer to sustain your career


CodinGame, a developer recruitment platform, has appointed software development the most sustainable profession for people looking to retrain and find new jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to research from the recruitment platform, training to become a software developer is “the shortest way to the best salary”.

CodinGame’s research also found that software developers are the least likely to feel the impact of a robotic revolution over the next 50 years and are best positioned to benefit from a homework revolution.

Additionally, CodinGame claims that you can complete a software developer training course in just 15 weeks with a variety of online resources.

Great opportunities in software development

The firm analyzed the salaries of more than 50 careers and ranked them based on financial rewards and recycling time. Software developer roles ranked third on this list behind bus and truck drivers.

While bus and truck driver roles take a higher place on the list, these career paths come with significant drawbacks, including a higher risk that driverless technology will replace human drivers in the future. Meanwhile, software developers are in demand and are unlikely to automate them gradually.

CodinGame co-founder Aude Barral said: “The world is your oyster when it comes to retraining, but some professions push you up the income ladder faster than others.”

“It’s telling that the software developer ranks first among the most future-proof professions. Switching to a career in coding is already incredibly popular, because there are so few barriers to entry, it’s cheap and quick to learn, and it’s a job that offers unparalleled flexibility.

Growing demand

The tech ecosystem is still growing, so the demand for software developers is likely to remain. This sustained demand means you shouldn’t struggle to find a job in this field. Additionally, the average software developer salary is $ 107,510, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CodinGame also highlighted the diversity of software development, explaining that “age and previous experience are not barriers to retrain to become a coder. ”

Barral added: “The coronavirus has been the catalyst for a home work revolution, and careers that allow people to choose where they work, like coding, are going to benefit from this cultural shift we’re seeing.

“The pandemic will force many people to quit their jobs and give others the desire to do something different, to think. It’s never too late to retrain.

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