Serrala, Financial Automation and Payment Software Company, Partners with Open Banking Platform Tink


Serrala, the publisher of financial automation and payment software, and the European Open Banking platform Tink, have formed a partnership to support open banking technology services.

Through this partnership, companies will support billers so that they can reach customers through all channels to pay invoices and reminders directly through their banking apps – leading to faster, cheaper, more accurate and final transactions.

In many jurisdictions, billing and collection outside of direct debit remains a significant challenge for industries such as insurance, utilities, telecommunications, and credit. Banking can be very time consuming for the customer and lead to significant delays and errors. More conventional digital payment methods are typically associated with higher transaction fees, greater operational complexity, and the risk of chargebacks.

By bringing Serrala’s omnichannel payment requests together with Tink’s Payment Initiation Services (PIS), billers and customers can get the best of both worlds. A user-friendly online experience for customers and various advantages for billers: more consumers are able to pay faster, the resulting SEPA transfers are relatively cheap and match automatically. Customers will also have the option to schedule a payment for a particular date in the future, eliminating many reminders.

With the complete solution, billers are able to Rethink the journey or customer experience for any payment interaction via email, SMS, WhatsApp, portals, apps and even paper. This would include not only the PIS, the mechanism for sending the relevant details of a requested payment into a customer’s banking app for authorization, but also the process for executing a direct debit mandate online.

Marko Kling, Vice President of Solution Architecture at Serrala, said:

“The invoices were waiting for this. By partnering with Tink, we can help lower the costs of paying billers with a solution that enables consumers to pay their bills quickly and accurately using their preferred payment channel, resulting in a payment experience. transparent to all.

Caroline Lanslots, Senior Business Development Manager at Tink remarked:

“Our distribution partnership with Serrala perfectly combines our PIS capabilities with Serrala’s tooling and payment expertise to optimize end-to-end payment flows for billers. We look forward to leveraging this distribution partnership to enable Serrala to offer open bank payments to customers across Europe. “

Serrala’s payment requests are currently available in more than 20 European countries and can reach millions of customers to make payments worth billions of euros. Its cash application capabilities support confirmation of successful payment execution for the biller and consumer.

Tink’s Open Banking platform is currently available in 18 different markets across Europe, and the combined service with Serrala is now available for countries such as France, Italy, Portugal and the UK.


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