Software created by Rochester makes communication easier for sports teams


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — Over the past few years, many area football teams have used software called GoRout to facilitate communication between coaches and players. The software was actually created in Rochester. In total, more than 600 teams across the country use the software.

In practice only, coaches use an app on their phone where they can enter plays. They then send those games to devices worn around their players’ waists which vibrate when a game is sent.

“Every time a game comes up, a player can see where they’re supposed to be, where to line up. The coach doesn’t have to tell them where to go, who they are, what they’re doing. It’s all there for them. They get on the ball, they smack the ball and they run away,” said Founder and CEO Mike Rolih.

Typically, coaches ask young athletes to wear the devices during scrums to direct the attack and defense of teams’ upcoming opponents to help prepare starters for the next game.

“It now allows coaches to seamlessly prepare whether in the meeting room, on film break or now on the training ground using the tools they are already constantly familiar with,” Rolih said. .

One such coach is Stewartville college football head coach Garrett Mueller. His team has been using GoRout since 2017, and he says it has helped increase the number of reps the team can complete in a practice.

“In the past, before we had our GoRout devices, after a game was over, we usually had to bring all 11 players back to a huddle, so it would take 60-90 seconds between games for the next one to be ready to go. play. go and the players lined up to run it. Now in two to three seconds we can kick off the next play in the group,” Mueller said.

While you can’t predict exactly what’s going to happen in your next game, Coach Mueller says GoRout has helped his team get a feel for what’s going to happen Friday night.

“We’ll never be able to replicate exactly what happens on a Friday night, but we think using this tool certainly helps put our players in the best possible position to give us the best possible look,” Muller says.

While GoRout has generally focused on football, the company is also looking into other sports. More recently it has expanded into basketball which the Lourdes men’s varsity team is already using this season.

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