Software developer in Chapel Hill, NC — Money Diary

Occupation: software developer
Industry: Artificial intelligence
Age: 23
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Salary: $99,972
Net value : ~$55,000 ($40,000 in my 401(k), $10,000 in savings (fluctuating throughout the month based on my direct deposit and spending), and $3,000 in my HSA. I live with my partner, who makes a little more money than me, and has no student loan debt.)
Debt: $0
Paycheck amount (2x/month): $2,325
Pronouns: They or she/her

Monthly expenses
To rent: $1,200 is the rent (including water and sewer) for the twin bedroom and one bathroom that I share with my partner. We basically split expenses, but I have a lower credit limit, so pay more regular bills.
Student loans: $0 (I paid off $12,000 in student debt and a $14,000 car loan after graduating from college in 2019.)
Car insurance: $80
Tenant insurance: $10
News: $25 (I subscribe to two different local newsletters to stay informed, plus a Medium subscription and two other mailing lists.)
AAA Membership: $8
Prescription drugs: $40
Medicines/pet food: $20
Phone bill: $15 (I have a TracFone.)
Spotify: $15 (I’m paying for a family plan so some friends can use it.)
Charitable donations: $500 to $750


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