Software developer MacPaw offers free VPN to all Ukrainians


Ukrainian software company MacPaw is based in Kyiv and has an excellent reputation for its CleanMyMac X and ClearVPN software. And it’s not the only major Mac software developer in Ukraine. Belight Software in Odessa is another developer that has been creating brilliant and affordable Mac software for 20 years.

However, as we all know, Ukraine is currently going through a serious crisis and the people of this country are showing incredible resilience and ingenuity in the face of aggression. MacPaw is responding to the challenge the country is currently facing by making a few announcements that have impressed me.

The first is to offer the company’s ClearVPN software free to all residents of Ukraine so they can communicate securely with loved ones who may have fled the country or are living or studying abroad. It is a generous gesture typical of this wonderful company.

In addition to providing everyone in Ukraine with a free VPN, MacPaw has also updated the ClearVPN software with a helpful shortcut that links directly to information about reliable ways ClearVPN users can help Ukrainians in times of trouble. need.

The shortcut includes information about fundraising campaigns (military and humanitarian); petition signing campaigns, pro-Ukraine activism; as well as links to trusted media covering the war in Ukraine.

To activate the shortcut from anywhere in the world for free, simply download ClearVPN for iOS, Android, macOS or Windows from Open the “Stand with Ukraine” shortcut and choose the desired web resource for access.

And finally, MacPaw is offering foreign media covering the war in Ukraine free access to CleanMyMac X by MacPaw, the company’s brilliant macOS cleanup, optimization, and protection software. You can find more details about this offer here.

MacPaw hopes anyone interested will pass the news along so others can find out how they can help Ukraine during this difficult time.

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