Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), Walt Disney Company (The) (NYSE: DIS) – Free Tesla software update adds Disney +, car wash mode, and more.


Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) is well known for sending out software updates that improve its vehicles long after customers have taken delivery. What not many people realize is that these updates are free for customers’ cars.

Tesla is now starting to roll out its next software update, highlighted by Electrek, which adds many new features to all-electric vehicles. A post on Reddit also shared screenshots of the on-board display, detailing the updates.

  1. Disney + was added to the in-car streaming options that already included Netflix, Hulu, and many other services.
  2. Car wash mode, which has been requested by customers for years, has also been added. This feature prepares the car for an automatic car wash by disabling automatic wipers, sentry mode, door locks and parking sensor chimes. It also rolls up the windows, locks the charging port as closed, and allows the car to stay in neutral once the driver exits the vehicle.
  3. Auto-dimming rearview mirror is now optional in the software settings for cars equipped with this hardware. If a driver doesn’t like this feature, they can simply turn it off.
  4. The integrated Tesla Camera The dash cam can now automatically record images when a safety event such as an accident or an airbag deployment is detected. Previously, users had to remember to press an onscreen button to record the last 10 minutes of footage.
  5. Owners can now change the beach display by simply clicking on it from the main screen, rather than having to dig into the settings to toggle between miles or percent display. Many owners want both to be displayed simultaneously.
  6. The car can stay connected to Wi-Fi while it is in driving mode. Previously, the car would turn off Wi-Fi as soon as it was started. Owners can now use their cell phones as a wireless hotspot while driving and allow the car to download software updates while on the go. It should be noted that Disney + and other streaming services are disabled when the car is in motion.
  7. And finally, Tesla added support for Languages ​​Hungarian, Romanian and Russian.

Overall, this is the biggest update Tesla owners have seen in many months. Tesla has been working hard on their Full Self Driving Beta software, as well as rewriting the code to deal with the chip shortage.

Photo of Tesla Cybertruck Courtesy of Tesla

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