This Week in Jobs: DevOps engineer, product manager, software developer? You will survive this job search


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Soon in a theater near you …

We’re moving into a much less spooky holiday season, but still, let’s follow the Halloween tails one last time. If they made a horror movie about the hardships of a job search, what would it look like?

Ghost face of “Scream”Call for taunting with too long a list of interview questions? Scream queens turn into damning emails from different job boards about all the positions you don’t have time to apply for? Being ghosted by recruiters? Upload your CV to a job board to retype everything?

And to finally emerge victorious in the job search (perhaps up to Survivor” through The child of fate), you have to go through this terrifying showdown: the final interview.

You might be sweating under all this pressure, but hey, you survive. So let’s get into another week of hunting.

The news

Still in the mood to be afraid? You must read this summary of some utterly terrifying work stories you submitted, dear readers. Rats, insects and mismanagement – oh my god!

Getting hot, but running away from a revenge-hungry killer is probably great workout. Not your favorite sweat session? Find out how these Technically Talented clients keep their teams happy and healthy with holistic benefits in and out of the workplace.

OK, OK, we’ll stop with all the horror references anyway. Life and work can be pretty scary without an extra dose of howling. That is why Jennifer kurtz brings psychological security to his new role as Infinite blue Technical director. Related: This DE Healthcare System Has Been Awarded For Its Efforts To Tackle Burnout.

Ask us anything; no, really, we’ve started a tips section.

And the question we like to ask: is a college degree necessary to work in tech? No, but it definitely helps in some cases, according to these 2021s RealLIST engineers from Pittsburgh, Philly and the DMV.


Philly / Delaware

  • by Linode the head is in the clouds. Aim high for the web hosting service provider:
  • Dive deep into Infinite blue culture of psychological safety:
  • Take a further step in your career at Wilmington University. They recruit:
  • Speaking of higher education, make a difference in education for EVERFI, who is looking for a K-12 School Manager / Implementation Specialist.



From a distance

You can run away when working from home:

The end

You are a survivor, you are not going to give up… just keep applying!

Check the job board for new opportunities -30-


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