Twitter users turn work issues into witty typing lines in viral discussion thread


Jobs can be stressful. But this week, netizens decided to poke fun at their day-to-day work with witty one-liners who described their business issues perfectly.


It all started with a tweet posted by Twitter user Kalpes who took to the microblogging platform to try and share a joke about software developers, but he couldn’t because “the demands were still changing “. Geddit? The punchline of the joke was that she didn’t have one.

The viral joke has led to a series of similar jokes with frustrated professionals, students and internet users from all walks of life discovering creative ways to vent their professional problems.

Take a look at some of the other hilarious answers from internet users.

This isn’t the first Twitter joke trend to go viral on the microblogging site. Reporters on Twitter went berserk last week after a “Wrong Answers Only” thread went viral, searching for all incorrect answers to the “Why did you become a journalist” question.

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