Zymo Research Releases Free Software to Streamline COVID-19 Test Reports


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, labs have been addressing compliance issues regarding reporting COVID-19 test data to their respective public health departments. In turn, public health departments have been looking at how best to deal with large amounts of data received from these labs. Media organizations like the New York Times and Science Cite common issues in this reporting process, such as incompatibilities between reporting systems, outdated technology, and manual data entry overhead. All of these factors are contributing to the backlog of COVID-19 test data reports in states like California, where public health agencies are trying to keep pace with the rapid influx of data being received from these commercial labs.

To help streamline the setup and upload of COVID-19 test data to the CalREDIE system, Zymo Research has developed the Zymo Research Transmission Program (ZRTP) which eliminates manual submission errors and other common errors in se connecting California clinical laboratories directly to CalREDIE information exchange. This direct connection eliminates the manual data entry that is typically required in state and county health departments. ZRTP further simplifies the reporting process in that labs no longer have to submit test data to their state and county public health departments. The CalREDIE system automatically distributes COVID-19 test data to the appropriate local public health authorities.

“This is the time to come together and support each other as we can. I am grateful that the ZRTP software program can help so many laboratories solve the critical epidemiological challenges of COVID-19, ”said Dr. Michael weinstein, bioinformatics and microbiome scientist at Zymo Research and developer of the Zymo research transmission program. “Having complete COVID-19 test data immediately for county and state health officials means public health decisions can be made faster to keep people safe during this pandemic. ”

Labs simply download the ZRTP software from the Zymo Research website to a computer running Python 3.6 or later. Before first use, users install dependencies, upload their encryption certificate (provided by the California Department of Public Health), and enter their information into the configuration file. Once the program is configured, the test results are easily transmitted to the CalREDIE system by simply filling out the spreadsheet template and feeding it into the ZRTP.

ZRTP has been used successfully by Pangea Laboratory, a Orange CountyCAP-based, CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory that processes COVID-19 test samples. “The Zymo research transmission program has enabled our lab to quickly report COVID-19 test results to the CRPD, which we were not able to do previously,” said Henri le, clinical laboratory scientist at the Pangea laboratory. He continued, “This has solved a big problem that many clinical labs are currently facing, which is that COVID-19 test results are being reported to the state without delay. This is a big step forward for the both for our laboratory and for epidemiology. “

Currently, ZRTP software can only be used with California test data reporting system; however, Zymo Research hopes to support laboratories across the country with an expansion of ZRTP software in the future. For more information or to download the free Zymo Research Transmission program, visit zymoresearch.com/pages/tools.

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